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AGES: 4 – 10 (for beginners to moderately accomplished skill level)

The Younger Division at the Annie Moses Summer Music Festival features a holistic approach to discovering and developing the artistic talents of each child. It's an inspiring and high-energy event that combines the excitement of musical theater with foundational technical study.

Violin, viola, cello, guitar and piano unite with singing, drama, and dance for a creative, multi-sensory experience. Though every child chooses a primary track based upon their area of study, we consider all facets of a child's talent and personality in order to bring out their best and most inspiring performances, as singers, actors, dancers, and instrumentalists in the final show.

Each child's specific schedule is tailored based upon the casting of the child within the musical show. Students are cast based upon a holistic view of the child's gifts and does not always coincide with the student's primary track.

For example: Joe is studying Violin as his primary track, but he is also a gifted singer and actor. In the final show he will perform as a violinist, an actor, and a singer, thus his class schedule will reflect both his primary track of study (violin), as well as his specific roles within the musical performance.

COST: $600



2 private 30-minute lessons, fundamentals, choir and orchestra, and ensembles, as well as dance and drama for participating students.


In order for us to maximize your child's experience at the Festival, it is vital that we get to know them! Below is the 3 step casting process we require for all students–beginners, as well as the highly skilled.

1. Video: Every child who registers must prepare a short (2-6 min.) video. The video must include:

1) the child singing ''Happy Birthday" or a verse of "Silent Night". They may sing another song of their choice along with one of these if they wish.

2) a short instrumental performance (for instrumentalists only)

3) a dance segment (for dancers only)

4) 2 or 3 lines of dramatic dialogue.

The due date for the casting and placement video is May 1, 2014.