the woodsheds

Summer Woodshed Annie Moses Summer Music Festival.jpg

The Woodsheds are 3-day seasonal intensives (Autumn, Spring and Summer) for strings, harp, guitar, mandolin, voice, and piano. Each day students participate in classes such as chamber orchestra, genre-specific ensembles (pop/rock band, bluegrass group, jazz trio, etc...), music theory, songwriting, extensive performance coaching, all culminating in a live performance. You'll hone classical technique, fiddle chops, melody and lyric writing, and stagecraft. The program is open to all skill levels. It's ideal for students looking to jump to a new level of technical fluency, musicality, and performance experience. The Woodsheds are limited to 50 students. Classes include:

  • 2 private lessons.

  • Daily technique coaching.

  • In-depth instruction in Galamian technique for string students: bow technique, vibrato, finger articulation, shifting as well as advanced instruction on stagecraft and performance optimization.

  • Performance coaching: teaches stage presence, conquering nerves, and optimizing musicality.

  • Songwriting and the art of being creative.

  • Master-level teaching from the Annie Moses Band and pedagogues from top-tier music conservatories.

woodshed price: $399 per student