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brass & woodwinds

For brass & woodwind players, the Annie Moses Summer Music Festival is an exciting exploration in multiple genres from classical to jazz. Acclaimed arranger/pianist Bill Wolaver and first-call jazz guitarist James DaSilva collaborate on a wide variety of orchestral pieces and original jazz tunes that are tailor arranged to suit your strengths. 

The Festival offers instruction in:

  • Trumpet

  • Saxophone

  • Trombone

  • Tuba

  • French Horn

  • Clarinet

  • Flute

  • Oboe

Classes include ensemble, jazz theory & improvisation, and technique.  only will you experience a wide range of ensembles. Best of all, you will participate in high-energy shows with your fellow performers at some of Nashville's best venues!


“What kind of music will I play?"

Everything from Beethoven to Count Basie to Gershwin. It’s a musical kaleidoscope!

“How much practice/rehearsal is there?”

The Festival is not for the faint of heart - we have multiple shows to prepare! Each student is "cast" in at least two performances. It's mere days to get two shows prepped, polished and performed!

“Will I get experience playing a variety of genres?”

Yes - the Festival immerses you in a variety of styles from Jazz to Classical to Pop.

“What makes the Brass & Woodwinds Track unique?”

Our arrangements are original and tailor-written by some of the best arrangers in the business. Also you get an extraordinary live performance experience at a great venue with other passionate players.