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As a dancer at the Annie Moses Summer Music Festival, you'll receive one-on-one attention as we choreograph your featured moments in at least two of our shows. One of our main goals in the Festival is to find moments in our shows for all our performers, using the skills they have to offer. If any musicians or singers have dance training we love to incorporate those skills. Whether you are classically trained in ballet, or you are a good mover, dance always adds a lot to the performance. This specialty program is a great study in learning original choreography in a fast-paced environment, and integrating dance in a variety of musical styles. Best of all, you'll gain real-world experience as you perform with other passionate players in high-energy shows in some of Nashville's best venues!



“What kinds of styles will I dance?"

The Festival explores a wide variety of genres and your dance moments will reflect that diversity. Jazz, classical, pop, and modern are all covered in our performances. 

"How much will I get to dance?"

Dance at the Festival is integrated into our shows. Like all applicants, you'll be cast in at least two featured moments in two performances.

"Can I only do dance at the Festival?"

All dancers must select a secondary Track of Study in order to maximize their engagement with our performances. It's a great opportunity to explore a wide range of musical and artistic interests. 

dance faculty


Berklee Wolaver is a Nashville choreographer and the head dance instructor for the Annie Moses Summer Music Festival. She is fluent in a variety of styles including classical ballet, tap, jazz, modern, as well as musical theater. 

A native of Raleigh, NC, Berklee excelled at an early age, leading her tap company as dance captain and studying at the prestigious North Carolina School of the Arts. During her formative years she trained in multiple workshops in New York City including the Radio City Rockettes Workshop and STEPS. 

Berklee has performed in numerous stage productions over the last decade and choreographed multiple musicals. Her extraordinary creativity includes not only lyrical movement but fine art and graphic design. She has illustrated two children’s books and is the proud mother of three beautiful girls.