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excellence. music. community. faith. 

The Annie Moses Summer Music Festival is a performing arts intensive for young musicians. We take a kaleidoscope of instruments and artistic disciplines and fuse them together in a series of professional shows. Each student is given a customized role in two performances at premier Nashville venues. At the Festival you'll get to:

Experience the thrill of performing with passionate players.

Build life-long friendships.

Go deeper in your faith.

Take your music to the next level.


OCT. 24-26, 2019

annie moses summer music festival

JULY 12-18, 2020

The Experience

During the Festival we host original shows that cover multiple genres including Americana, Jazz, Classical, and Broadway. Each student is cast in at least two of these shows and given customized parts for their featured moments. Our final show, the Gala, brings all of our students together in one epic performance.

All skill levels are accepted at the Festival. For a complete list of instruments and disciplines, visit our Tracks of Stu

The festival is held in historic Franklin, tn 

one of Tripadvisor's top-rated cities to visit

Factory July.jpg

The Festival's campus includes three locations, all within easy walking distance

The Factory at Franklin

The Factory at Franklin is a one-of-a-kind retail and entertainment complex listed in the National Register of Historic Places and in near proximity to the nationally-recognized Main Street of Franklin, Tennessee. Its restaurants and storefronts present distinct and varied offerings showcasing local culture and artisan goods. Three unique venues, totaling 30,000 square feet, host an increasing number of concerts, plays, and other entertainment events throughout the year.

Liberty Hall Factory at Franklin July.jpg

conservatory of annie moses

The Conservatory of Annie Moses is the headquarters for the Annie Moses Band's weekly music education program. Located near historic downtown Franklin, the Conservatory is a newly renovated creative space that facilitates a wide variety of artistic endeavors. 




Music is meant to be shared. If you’ve been searching for an artistic community devoted to excellence for the glory of God, the Annie Moses Summer Music Festival is for you.  At the Festival you’ll make lifelong friends as you perform at major venues in Music City, USA.

Annie Moses Summer Music Festival July.jpeg
Annie Moses Summer Music Festival July.jpeg

want to bolster your technique? attend one of the woodsheds!

The mission


When we began investing in young performers over ten years ago, we never dreamed that Annie Moses Foundation would grow to be the extraordinary ministry it is today. Being a musical family we found that many families wanted to experience the joy of playing music together. Annie Moses Foundation was our answer - an artistic ministry that would give young musicians life-changing experiences of real-world excellence. 

Too many musicians stagnate inside practice rooms, handicapped by low standards and bad information. Performance opportunities are rare, especially in professional venues. The Annie Moses Summer Music Festival exists to change that. We know first-hand how powerful it can be to perform with professionalism alongside people you love. That's the experience we want to share with you.

The arts are transformational to society. The stages of the world open up to individuals marked by excellence. Our vision is to see those stages occupied by extraordinary artists driven by a love for the good, the true, and the beautiful - a love for God. We were created to create, and the Annie Moses Foundation programs are an opportunity for us to fulfill our purpose - together. 

- Annie Dupre